Veranda awnings

The awning for glazed ceilings and patios

Flat awning system designed specifically for glazed ceilings and similar structures.

Veranda Awning Lanzarote

It can be installed with any degree of inclination, its internal spring system ensures that the canvas is always tensioned throughout the awning.

This model allows in measures superior to 5000 mm of width, adding a second module with central guides and end walls. This type of installation with two modules can be mounted with independent motors or with a single motor and transmission.

This type of awning has CLASS 1 wind resistance

Veranda Awning Lanzarote ZIP

System equivalent to Veranda Lanzarote, but with a ZIP guide that gives us:

  • Greater sun protection
  • Incorporation of ZIP for better guidance
  • It has a recordable box

In this type of awnings an installation can be carried out on a glass roof structure or, resting on a front door with wall supports.

It is possible to make it with fabrics with PVC finishes like Sunworker or Soltis.

This awning model must always be motorized.