Retractable Arms with Box

Retractable Arms Awnings with Box

System of retractable arm that thanks to the box allows to prolong the life of the fabrics and the components of the awning. In addition, the box allows to maintain the aesthetics on the facade when the awning is closed.

When the awning is closed the arms are completely hidden and collected inside the chest.

This awning system is completely assembled from the factory, so the installation is very simple. It is only necessary to fix the supports to the wall and regulate the inclination of the awning. The installation can be made to wall or ceiling without brackets.

It can be manufactured with Acrylic and Micro Perforated fabrics such as Sunworker or Soltis.

Geminis Model

It is a box system designed for small measurements. It allows up to 4000 mm of width and 2500 mm of projection, or 5000 mm of width and 2000 mm of projection. The arms have a double steel cable system.

Libra y Libra Plus Models

With a design similar to Geminis, allows manufacturing with higher dimensions, reaching 6000 mm width and 3000 mm projection. The arms of this awning model have a hidden chain tension system. They allow the option of installing a LED light system on the arms.

The Libra Plus model offers projections of 3500 mm with a maximum width of 5000 mm. Being a perfect system to cover terraces and patios.

Acuario Plus Model

Box system for large dimensions. It has a set of unique arms that allows you to reach large dimensions of 12,000 mm width and 4000 mm projection.

This model of retractable arm with box allows the installation of three or four arms to give greater resistance. In this case, it can only be made in acrylic fabric. The Aquarium Plus has a CLASS 2 wind resistance up to measures of 6000x3600 mm and CLASS 1 for larger measurements. For measures of 3600 mm and above, reinforced arms will be used.

This awning system offers the possibility of installing a system of LEDs in the arms.

Leo Model

It is a Box Awning System that allows to reach dimensions of 6000x4000 mm, with only two arms. It can be made with Acrylic, Sunworker or Soltis 92 fabric.

This awning system also offers the option of installing a system of LEDs on the arms.