Bioclimatic Pergola

The ideal pergola for the terrace

The GRADISUN Bioclimatic Pergola is made up of a reinforced structure specially conceived to allow new spaces to be enjoyed on terraces of single-family homes and terraces.

It offers a design of minimalist and modern lines that fit in all architectural styles. The ideal solution for terraces or gardens in homes, hotels and restaurants.

The pergola is made with an aluminum structure, able to adapt to the weather conditions at any time. Allowing you to enjoy the spaces continuously.



Modern design, with simple and minimalist lines. The ideal solution for terraces and leisure areas.


Construction systems of the highest quality with aluminium structure. Finishes that adapt to all places.

Energy saving

Sustainable products that help energy savings. Protection against sun, rain or wind.


They offer total control over the entry of light and protect the area on which they are installed against solar radiation.


The installation of the bioclimatic pergola adapts to any place with its different construction forms.


Multiple colors to adapt to any place. Multitude of options to cover all needs.

Catalog of the Bioclimatic Pergola