HNG - Manufacturers of awnings and pergolas

HNG is company dedicated to manufacture awnings and pergolas, selling exclusively to industry professionals. We have become a point of reference in the national market thanks to product quality and service reliability.

At HNG, we offer you a wide selection of sun shading products that ensures covering all the needs of our clients and keeping up with the latest market trends.

We want to provide you with advanced solutions in the field of Solar Protection, fulfilling the expectations of each customer. We put the emphasis on quality and highly specialized products.

HNG puts at your disposal an advanced distribution network that provides you with the best products at the shortest time possible. With branch offices in Galicia, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia, we offer tailor-made awnings delivered at your door at a record time.

Technical support and Commercial Advice

At HNG, we are aware of the evolving field of solar protection, always changing with new products. Therefore, we put at your disposal a wide team of experts and technicians, who are able to solve all our clients queries and doubts.

In order to get the trust of our clients, we go along them throughout the whole process from initial advice and sale until the final installation.

Likewise, our sales department is constantly in touch with our clients to offer the support they need: prices, catalogs, samplers, etc.

What do we do?

We manufacture customized awnings and pergolas

All the awnings, pergolas or canvases that we manufacture are made to measure. All our products are personalized, you choose the model of the awning, the measurements, the color of the aluminum inside the RAL chart, the color and type of the canvas (Acrylic, Soltis, Sunworker, ...).

Wide catalog of awnings

Our catalog of awnings and pergolas covers all the needs of our clients. Our product offer is constantly growing, adapting to the trends and innovations of the solar protection market.

In our catalog of awnings and pergolas you can find all our products

Own distribution

We have our own transport to all our customers. We carry the product tailored to any point in Spain, northern Portugal and France.

Our awning and pergolas transport network ensures that the product is brought to your business in perfect conditions, with transports adapted to the product.

Manufacture of awnings in record time

Our awning service time is the best in Spain. Since we received the order of awnings until you receive the product made, the time that passes is the smallest on the market.

Our process of manufacturing the awning and the distribution system, guarantees a delivery of the final product in the best time so that it does not make wait for its clients.