Engines for Awnings

Engines and sensors

Aceper engine catalog

Aceper K's range of engines is characterized by its excellent quality / price ratio.

The product catalog is made up of a wide range of models. We have engines with mechanical limit switches and motors with electronic limit switches. The electronic motor programming system is based on confirmations for motor movements, which allows programming in noisy environments.

This range of engines is completed with a large number of sensors and automations, thus offering a complete solution to virtually any need.

Somfy motors

The Somfy range of engines offers the widest variety of motorization options on the market.

Somfy offers a large number of engine models, with mechanical or electronic limit switches. Also having a specific range of motors for awnings with boxes.

Within the range of products, there is a large number of controls and automatisms for the control of the different types of awning motors. The line of IO engines offers, together with Tahoma, the best option to automate an installation.