Retractable Arms Monobloc

Monoblock Awning Arm Articulated

System with all the advantages of the retractable arm awning, but much more robust. It even allows the installation of auxiliary arms for greater safety and better tensioning of the canvas.

This type of awnings in terraces allow to cover large dimensions with a single awning unit. This is possible because the monobloc awning allows several extra supports to be placed along the anchor bar. It is a type of modular awning, since joining profiles can reach large dimensions.

The installation of the monobloc awnings is done quickly and easily, thanks to the use of an auxiliary bar system on which the awning arms are attached.

Model Blenda-M

It is the smallest model, designed to cover small surfaces with a robust articulated arm model such as the monobloc. It can be made in Acrylic or Microperforated fabrics (Soltis or Sunworker). It offers the option of installing semicofre up to 2500 mm projection and motorizations.

The maximum dimensions it reaches are 2000 in-line output up to 5000 mm and an output of 2500 mm up to 4000 mm line.

Model Cuarzo-M

Monobloc retactable arm awning model with dimensions of 6000x3500 mm in the option of 2 arms. It allows the confection in Acrylic or Microperforated fabrics (Soltis or Sunworker). It offers the option of the installation of semicofre and motorizations.

It allows to install a third arm to reach lines of up to 9000 mm and a fourth arm to reach the 12000 mm width. In these last two cases, it is only possible to make them in acrylic fabric.

Model Silice

It is a Monobloc retractable arm awning, mounted on a square bar of 40x40 mm in galvanized and lacquered steel. The arms are double cable sheathed, with an extruded aluminum support.

The recommended maximum dimensions are 6000 mm of width and 4100 mm of projection that allows to join profiles to achieve larger lines. This type of awnings is modular: joining several profiles can reach a larger line.

In the case of installations with three or four arms, the preparation of this awning can only be done in acrylic fabric.

Model Urano

This model is mounted on a double galvanized steel rod 60x40 mm, that bar is lacquered in the color of the awning. The arms are double-chain stainless steel, which guarantees maximum durability.

The recommended maximum dimensions are 6000 mm width and an projection of 5100 mm. It is mounted on an 80 mm winding shaft to ensure proper winding of the fabric. It is a modular awning that allows, joining profiles, reach a greater line.

This model of awnings only allows the manufacture of Acrylic fabric. And allows the installation of 2, 3 or 4 arms, up to 12000 mm width.