Vertical Awnings

Vertical awnings for large windows

Vertical awning system designed specifically for windows and large windows, but also adaptable to all types of facades and vertical closures of exterior holes.

There are different models and configurations of vertical awnings. The guide system used can be with steel cable, metal rod or Zip system.

Tambre Model

The Tambre model is a model without a box that allows it to be installed with any of the guide systems indicated above. It allows to make it with practically any fabric (acrylic, pvc, sunworker, soltis, ...) if cable or rod guides are used. If Zip-type guides are used, they can only be made with fabrics with plastic finishes.

It is certified up to measures of 5000x5000 mm for the cable and rod guides and for measures of 4000x3000 mm in the case of using Zip type guides.

Sar Model

Vertical awning model with box. In versions of curved box of 110 and square box of 130. Depending on that size, it can be made up to measures of 4000x3000 and 5000x4000 mm respectively (and up to 5000x5000 in Sar 130 in Sunworker or Soltis).

Naron model

Vertical awning model with box and slide system with zip system. This model of awning has a PVC profile inside the guide through which the canvas passes and prevents it from leaving.

It can only be made in fabrics with PVC finishes such as Sunworker or Soltis 92. The Naron awning model 100 allows a size of 4000x2700 mm, while the Naron 130 model allows to reach up to 5000x3500.

This awning model always has to be motorized.